11 Tips for Reinforcing Values in Your Conscious Business

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Blog

As a conscious capitalist, what is one way that you communicate and reinforce values in your organization?

To help you best reinforce the values in your organization, we asked HR managers and conscious business leaders this question for their best insights. From leading by example to appreciating workers who reflect your core values, there are several tips that should help you effectively communicate and reinforce your conscious business values within your business.

Here are 11 tips these leaders follow:

  • Lead by Example 
  • Communicate Values Through Blog Posts
  • Hold Team Meetings
  • Integrate Your Values in Your Hiring Process and Onboarding
  • Make Your Value and Mission Statements Succinct
  • Nurture Your Values by Developing an Environment that Fosters Growth
  • Make Use of Visual Reminders
  • Create Traditions that Align With Your Values
  • Make Values Part of Employee Development
  • Create a Cultural Playbook to Support Your Core Values
  • Appreciate Workers Who Reflect Your Core Values

Lead by Example 

As a co-founder of a digital marketing agency, I strive to lead by example. One value that I choose to live by, both personally and professionally, is to be 1% better each day. By consciously striving to improve yourself, you will discover that your output is much more productive than if you become complacent in your efforts. Because I push myself to grow, I feel content in the fact that I am making my best efforts and never settling for less.

Jonathan Zacharias, GR0

Communicate Values Through Blog Posts

One way we communicate values in our organization is through our blog. Topics vary from the usual ‘best of’ lists and ‘how to’ guides into more unique topics, but our underlying theme for all of them is always our value of inspiring adventure. Communicating passion for camping and adventure is crucial to getting people excited about our products. We encourage comments on our blog posts too to make sure everyone gets their voices heard.

Kevin Callahan, Flatline Van Co.

Hold Team Meetings

An all-hands-on-deck meeting discussion about where the company is headed, concerns of all employees, policy changes, and recognition of milestones achieved by the company and its sub-departments. Giving gratitude for what is due reinforces the values and morale of the employees. Open communication of all concerns relating to the work environment, culture, and productivity is the best way to resolve important issues. A town hall meeting is the best way for the company to be one with its employees.

Kenneth Pangan, Clark Staff

Integrate Your Values in Your Hiring Process and Onboarding

One way you can communicate and reinforce values in your organization is by incorporating and integrating the values while hiring and onboarding. It’s just as important to choose applicants who will fit your organization’s culture as it is to recruit people with the qualifications and expertise you need. Ask tough questions of the prospective workers to see whether or not they share the company’s ideals.

Similarly, you can reaffirm your basic beliefs when a new employee is hired. When values are incorporated into the hiring, progression, and leave processes, a stop is forced to ask: With which core value does this choice or action align? This method exposes anyone who does not uphold the ideals by connecting daily behavior to a company’s impact. Open debates could then demonstrate the various ways that values are embodied, encouraging inclusivity rather than groupthink.

Raviraj Hegde, Donorbox

Make Your Value and Mission Statements Succinct

For me, it’s important that a company’s goals, principles, and guiding principles all fit neatly into a few concise phrases. Companies often fail because their mission statements are too wordy and difficult to understand. After leaders have recorded and distilled these, they should routinely discuss them with their teams using examples from the workplace. Assuming the values were established properly to begin with, this will aid businesses in achieving their full ethical potential.

Daniel Foley, Daniel Foley Consultancy

Nurture Your Values by Developing an Environment that Fosters Growth

I communicate and reinforce values in my organization through developing an environment that is conducive to growth. I believe in creating an environment where people are encouraged to be their best selves and grow as individuals. When you work in a space where you can be yourself, feel safe, and have autonomy over your work, it’s easy to feel confident about what you’re doing and empowered to take risks. 

By encouraging this kind of growth-oriented environment, we can make sure that our employees are learning more about themselves and what they want out of their careers—and then help them find ways to achieve those goals.

Tiffany Homan, Texas Divorce Laws

Make Use of Visual Reminders

Having visual reminders might help you communicate and reinforce your company’s beliefs. The key to ensuring that your staff are well-versed in the principles and integrating them into their daily work lives is consistent communication about them. Therefore, having visual reminders of your company’s values will increase your employees’ feeling of shared purpose and build a more cohesive and powerful culture. Even while this kind of communication is less direct than sending an email, having your values prominently displayed at work helps people understand that they are a vital part of company culture. They serve as discreet reminders for your staff.

Karen Cate Agustin, Investors Club

Create Traditions that Align With Your Values

Talking about how much your company values its local community on its “About Us” page is one thing. Putting such words into action is something entirely another. For example, if you want to show your employees that you value giving back to the community, schedule a day each month (or every three months) when they can leave the workplace and help people in need. Your workers will have a better time getting to know one another and will be more motivated to get back to work after the event.

Billy Parker, Gift Delivery

Make Values Part of Employee Development

When values are integrated into the whole employment lifecycle, from recruiting to promotion to termination, it forces the question, “With which core value does this choice or action align?” This method exposes those who do not share the company’s ideals by making the connection between their actions and the results they produce. As a result, I believe that more inclusive perspectives could be promoted as opposed to narrow ones through open dialogue that reveals the myriad ways in which values are realized.

Frederic Linfjärd, Planday

Create a Cultural Playbook to Support Your Core Values

Developing a culture playbook for each of your principles is, in my opinion, the most effective way to get your message across to others. Each paragraph skillfully illustrates what “right” means to everyone working for your firm. When and when does “right” appear, and what exactly does the value entail? It’s clear when we define it, construct it, and care for it.

Nely Mihaylova, UNAGI Scooters

Appreciate Workers Who Reflect Your Core Values

Leaders, in my opinion, should provide concrete rewards for acts that display the company’s principles. Actions motivated by ideals are often more successful when they are publicly praised. Non-values-conforming behavior must also be addressed. Leaders who demonstrate these principles in their everyday actions and discuss how they inform their decisions provide invaluable insight into how the organization operates.

Tiffany Payne, iFlooded Restoration

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