About Conscious Capitalism Arizona

Business has the potential to be a powerful force for good.

Free enterprise capitalism has served to lift more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic system ever conceived – empowering social cooperation, human progress, and elevating humanity. 

Good business is the answer to many of the global issues that humankind is facing.

For too long, capitalism in the media has been associated with lying, cheating, manipulating, gaming the system, and taking advantage of society. But for every horror story being told about the selfishness of corporate America and Wall Street, there are thousands of stories of businesses supporting their communities, investing in their employees, and making the world a better place.

We are working to change the capitalism narrative by shining a bright light on good business – telling the stories of conscious Arizona companies (and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps).

The Future of Arizona

The future of business in Arizona and beyond lies with an upcoming generation of consumers, business leaders, and employees preparing to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about giving them the tools and principles they will need to become the generation that eliminates poverty and elevates humanity.

Conscious Capitalism Arizona

Help us demonstrate what good business can do. Conscious Capitalism Arizona (CCAZ) is working with business and academic leaders to impact more than 1,000,000 lives by 2026 through the following initiatives:

  • Create a library of over 1,000 stories of business as a powerful force for good.
  • Touch the lives and shift the thinking of 1 million Arizonans through our members, partners, and the many stakeholders we all impact.
  • Develop Arizona programs that are replicated nationally and globally

Join the movement by becoming a member of Conscious Capitalism Arizona.

The Conscious Capitalism Team

Board of Directors

Randy Gibb

Adam Goodman

Jeremy Neis

Heidi Jannenga

Sarah McCraren

Kyle McIntosh

Scott McIntosh

Brian Mohr

Mike Jones

About the Conscious Capitalism Movement

Conscious Capitalism is a global movement co-founded by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, and Raj Sisodia, Ph.D., renowned author and business leader. Besides Whole Foods, member companies include Trader Joes, Costco, Panera and Southwest Airlines. Conscious Capitalism is a way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects where we are in the human journey, the state of our world today, and the innate potential of business to make a positive impact on the world.

Conscious Capitalism builds on the foundations of Capitalism – voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, and free trade. While most recognize that these are essential to a healthy economy, Conscious Capitalism also includes the critical elements of trust, compassion, and collaboration.

The Conscious Capitalism movement challenges business leaders to re-think why their organizations exist and to acknowledge their companies’ roles in the interdependent global marketplace.

The Four Tenets

Conscious Capitalism embraces four tenets that guide our thinking, ensuring we have a framework and principles to aid our decision-making.

Go here to learn more about the movement.

Higher Purpose

Every business should have a purpose that goes hand-in-hand with making a profit. That purpose should energize and inspire everyone surrounding the organization, from the CEO to external vendors and the community.

Stakeholder Orientation

Conscious businesses don’t just exist to make the shareholders money. They work to create value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, vendors, investors, communities, etc. It’s common sense: healthy stakeholders lead to a healthy business ecosystem.

Conscious Leadership

Human social organizations are created and guided by leaders – people who have a vision and inspire others to achieve it. Conscious Leaders serve the organization with an understanding of the Higher Purpose and how they can benefit all their followers.

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Conscious Culture

This is the ethos – a culmination of the values, principles, and practices that create the social fabric of a business. It connects stakeholders together with a common perception and process that works to foster community.