Growing organizations always need great talent, and CCAZ is no different. We need positive, passionate, and skilled individuals to help us do our work. Volunteering is one way for you to engage with the many stakeholders of our Chapter. You’ve heard the saying, “givers gain.” Our volunteers have told us how much they have valued their involvement beyond the satisfaction of supporting the Conscious Capitalism movement. And, if you’d like to grow your skills in an area, we’re open to CCAZ being the place to expand your talents, too.

Program and event planning and logistics, membership recruitment, partnership development, PR, public speaking, blogging and copy writing, and social marketing are examples of the skills we need in our organization. If you love what you do and are willing to give of your time to help us out, complete the form below.

For more information on volunteering, complete the form on the Contact page. Or fill out the volunteer application form by clicking the button below.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Podcast Coordinator: We need an individual to lead the behind the scenes coordination of new CCAZ Podcast. This individual will be responsible for coordinating before the podcast, scheduling guests, submitting information, and even searching for the next perfect guest if necessary. The individual will need to be available on the Fourth Monday of the month between 1230-230. This individual will be responsible for editing post Podcast snippets that can be used for marketing and to share on social media.

Copy Writers: Using a provided template they will add in business owner stories to fit the communication. They will also be responsible for writing a short reflection of how the story represents/connects to the audit items being presented and the pillar it belongs to.

Reporters: Using provided resources they will reach out to business owners to get stories and collect them. They will review them for clarity and reach out to authors for clarification if needed. Minor editing to be done for clarity.

Social Media Influencers: Using CCAZ social media these people will engage the public with the information provided and reply to any commitments they make toward becoming more Conscious Capitalists.

Marketing Talent Team: This individual can have experience in marketing, branding, editing, social media posting, content creation, etc. We are looking to grow this team with members of the CCAZ chapter to support the reach during this time when virtual is our only way to truly connect.

If there is a role that interests you, please apply!