6 Business Leaders on How Higher Purpose Drives Them Professionally

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Higher Purpose

We asked business leaders the question, “How does your higher purpose drive you in business?” From making positive impacts on the world to creating a better future for stakeholders, here are some of their answers:

  • To Make a Positive Impact On the World Around Me
  • Unlocking Meaning With An Anthropological Perspective
  • My Business Exists to Maximize Human Potential
  • My Higher Purpose Is Connected To My Business
  • Freedom Through Ownership
  • Create a Better Future For My Stakeholders and The World


To Make a Positive Impact On the World Around Me

I strive to create meaningful value for customers and help create economic opportunities for others. My commitment to ethical business practices and sustainable development guides my decision-making process when dealing with different stakeholders, such as customers, employees, partners, investors, and suppliers. I prioritize creating a culture of integrity, transparency, and trust in which everyone can thrive.


— Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO


Unlocking Meaning With An Anthropological Perspective

From an anthropological perspective, the concept of a higher purpose can be understood through the innate human need for meaning. Understanding the cultural context in which we operate, and the meaning people give to their experiences, is crucial for any person and business. My higher purpose is to create meaningful change in the world. This is why I work in a research role, using the tools of anthropology to understand the needs of others and infuse that understanding into all aspects of my business. By creating a sense of connection and shared values with my team and customers, I believe we can achieve more sustainable and fulfilling outcomes for all parties involved.


— Matt Artz, Business Anthropologist


My Business Exists to Maximize Human Potential

After 20 years of being an entrepreneur, I finally figured out my real purpose in business: to maximize human potential. I always acted on this, but I didn’t consciously realize it was what motivated me until recently. When I focus on people, everything aligns, so I constantly ask myself, “Is this helping people maximize their potential?” When I have an employee who’s not working out, I no longer ask, “How do we get rid of this person? They’re not helping the business!” Instead, I ask, “Is this person maximizing their potential here? If not, am I helping them by allowing them to stay here, or should I help them find a different job where they can thrive?” If a project isn’t profitable, I ask, “Does it serve this client for us to lose money working with them? Can we do our best work that way? Does subpar work help them maximize their potential?” When I focus on maximizing potential, and long-term potential, everything comes together for everyone.


— Josh Steimle, Founder, MWI


My Higher Purpose Is Connected To My Business

We are a next-generation mental wellness company with one goal in mind – showing the world the power of psychedelics to catalyze lasting change. Traditional medicines have been abused, crammed down the throats of the public (figuratively speaking) and oversold. And they’ve been oversold not just in terms of quantity, but in terms of how their effectiveness has been overstated. It has caused more harm than good. Meanwhile, ketamine therapy is the safer and better alternative. My mission is to erase the stigma of psychedelics and educate people on its effectiveness. It works faster than traditional antidepressants and it is far safer. It’s a tall order to change the way people address their own mental wellness – and to do so with something that has been stigmatized by government and society since the 1960s. But that is the business I run. And it also happens to be my higher purpose.


— Juan Pablo Cappello, Co-founder and CEO, Nue Life


Freedom Through Ownership

We believe in setting talented people free through the power of ownership – that the modern world of work needs fundamental change, starting with the relationship of people to the businesses they serve. We believe that the traditional employment relationship is rooted in 19th and 20th-century traditions and paradigms that don’t serve anyone well anymore – so we’re considering nothing sacred and embarking on a journey of “revolutionary capitalism” with radically aligned incentives for every employee in the business: To begin with, we’ve made everyone an owner of the business – whether part of the venture studio or an operating unit, each employee has an ownership stake. We’ve also tied compensation to profitability – meaning no one earns a salary, but when we make money, everyone reaps the benefits through our talent profit pool – we all succeed or fail together, and the alignment of incentives produces a very cohesive culture.


— Nathan Deily, Chief People Officer, nth Venture


Create a Better Future For My Stakeholders and The World

As a CEO, my higher purpose is to create a better future for my customers, employees, and the world at large. My higher purpose guides me to make decisions that are in line with my values and that benefit all stakeholders. I strive to create a workplace that is filled with energy, creativity, and joy. I also want to make sure my business has a positive impact on the environment and the community. I recognize that my actions have the power to shape the future and I try to use this power responsibly. My higher purpose is the beacon that guides me to make the right decisions, build a successful and sustainable business, and create a better world. Let me know if you have further questions.


— Chris Buitron, Chief Executive Officer, Mosquito Authority

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