A Virtuous Cycle – Suzanne Zentner

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Guest Perspectives

Capitalism continues to capture many of the headlines and bylines of today. Although theories range from the likes of Pope Francis who has taken aim at capitalism as “a new tyranny” to Economist Jeremy Rifkin who believes the Internet and digital goods could contribute to the demise of capitalism, the overall messaging seems quite central: capitalism is bad.

Although the negative perceptions abound, no other entity has lifted more people out of poverty than capitalism itself and a growing list of companies, including the likes of Whole Foods, The Container Store, Southwest Airlines, Patagonia and Trader Joe’s all illustrate when the greater good is combined with business principles, all boats rise.

That very infusion of capitalism and consciousness has led to the design of Conscious Capitalism (CC), a movement that recognizes organizations and capitalism – while not perfect – are both fundamentally good and ethical.

With engaged stakeholders, a defined higher purpose, intentional designs of top leadership to create a culture dedicated to making an impact in the world and one that is profitable, Conscious Capitalism is quickly gaining attention around the world.

In the continued spirit of Arizona State University (ASU) leading its design of the New American University through cutting-edge instruction and innovation, it is no surprise they have become the second university offering a course on Conscious Capitalism.

In its broadest terms, the course (PSY453) is built around teaching the CC business philosophy through its four tenets – Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture and Stakeholder Engagement – along with a Triple Bottom Line model that provides value to people, planet, and profit.

In doing so, this virtuous cycle, once developed can create lasting value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

For interest in this course, call ASU Professor Suzanne Zentner at 602-595-1401.

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