Adjusting Your Business to Make 2020 a Win-Win-Win

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Adjusting your business to make 2020 a win-win-win

Business is all about balance, especially right now in light of the pandemic. Business owners everywhere are trying to balance their company’s needs with the needs of their clients, all while dealing with the added stresses, and trying circumstances created by this pandemic.

In need of some inspiration, we asked 12 business leaders how they’re adjusting their business to make this time a win-win-win.

Embrace Remote Work 

While remote work used to be considered a luxurious benefit offered at trendy companies, it has now become mandatory for most businesses. Allowing employees to work from home, while different, should elicit a sense of normalcy. Business can still go on as usual, just from a distance. As a business owner, do your best to keep morale high among employees and embrace the bumps that come from working remotely. Eventually, employees will adapt and productivity will continue. 

Kimberly Kriewald, AVANA Capital

Don’t Give Up 

As we navigate an environment that is both challenging and unprecedented, we advise businesses to remain steadfastly committed to standing by the people that put you in business, and supporting them through the new hurdles that they will face. Work smarter to better serve your customers, listen to them, try to understand their current and future needs, and be empathetic to their particular obstacles. Never give up on them and they won’t give up on you. 

Jonathan Cohen, Generated

Talk About Challenges

Every Friday, I host  “our community call.” The community sits around the virtual table to talk with others about the challenges they are facing and receive practical solutions. It’s a safe space for people to share their concerns and struggles as well as offer strategies to inspire others. 

Mark Jamnik, Enjoy Life Daily

Be Responsive to Needs

We’ve broken our regular grant cycles in order to be responsive in places where we feel we are making a difference. Our focus has been on COVID19 responses that we have an opportunity to learn from that will serve Arizona beyond this crisis.

Tammy Mcleod, Flinn Foundation

Offer Opportunities

Since early March we have been providing free weekly Lunch & Leadership virtual trainings to keep people positive and productive. We have also opened up new online live coaching and training programs at a fraction of the retail price to reach as many people as we can and keep employees engaged and moving forward.

Jodi Low, U & Improved


Tight communication. Our Founder and CEO has a bi-weekly address to the company where he gives an update of the current state of the company and shares his insight into the state of the industry. He is also the lead voice for safety. Our organization works in an industry that is deemed essential during quarantine. With this designation comes a new level of awareness. by leading with safety and communication, we are able to do business in a way that is true to our core values.

Steven Brown, DP Electric Inc

Build Relationships

I think it’s important to invest in your business in times like these so you can stand out from the crowd during the turnaround. That and retaining quality talent are my priorities, but I also think building client relationships with favors and discounts can go a long way in trying circumstances.

William Daniel, Markitors

Move Quickly

To keep up with the changes that COVID-19 has brought, companies have had to move quickly to accommodate. Business planning used to be done weekly or even monthly; now a daily cadence is common. Speed will continue to be of the essence to keep businesses running with the added stress and concerns that these times bring. Companies that recognize this, and that are willing to set new standards, will build a long-term strategic advantage.

Blake Murphey, American Pipeline Solutions

Adapt Your Services

When events started canceling, our business felt the effects immediately. We quickly pivoted by focusing on converting live, in-person events to virtual events for our clients. We also took time to focus on supporting our clients… checking in on them, providing virtual office hours to answer questions, and helping them find ways to pivot in their business. The most important thing is to keep business moving. Businesses may not be growing by leaps and bounds right now, but they need to keep moving to keep growing.

Lisa Schulteis, ElectraLime Marketing

Focus on People

This is a time when relationship-building may be more important than a focus on results. People need to know that you care because most people are affected in some way by this crisis. Take a moment to allow your client or team member to share before digging into the business side.

Kelly Chapman, Kegelbell

Keep Your World Small

If you are trying to look at the giant picture of ALL the different things that need to be accomplished and all of the variables that could arise in the next few days, weeks, months… it can be overwhelming! But if you just focus on today, or the next few hours or next hour, things become easier to execute. Redefine success. Keep your world small.

Alex Reiff, Senior Director

Stay Informed

I have focused on staying in front of the mainstream narrative and daily monitoring of data and trend lines since it began. This has allowed for knowledge and action in the present to be taken against probable future scenarios. Proper planning and repositioning of the value propositions, staffing, and anticipation of customer needs has been the key focus and treating this like a marathon and not a sprint since the impacts will last years.

Chris J Snook, Launch Haus

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