10 Leadership Characteristics of Conscious Leaders

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10 Leadership Characteristics of Conscious Leaders

Conscious leadership has been a mindset that many business professionals have adopted over the last few years. This leadership style focuses on the “we”, rather than the “me”, and it requires a high level of self-awareness. The benefits of this approach, when implemented correctly, are a culture of trust, increased productivity and a heightened moral across your workforce.

But what characteristics are most important to becoming a conscious leader? Lucky for you, we sat down with 10 conscious leaders with successful small businesses across the country. Keep reading to learn what skills you can work on to be a more conscious leader!

Seeking Advice From Others

A conscious leader is a unifying force that lets employees know that they are being heard. A conscious leader is self assured enough to acknowledge shortcomings and seek the advice of others. Conscious leaders notice and appreciate differences in the workplace while at the same time highlighting the shared values that bring the members of the firm together. This promotes cohesion on the road to a common goal.

Chris Dunkin, Portable Air

Awareness of the Broad Impact of Decisions

A conscious leader is aware of the broader impact of their decision-making. They make an effort to make choices in their business and personal life where the impact of the decisions on the welfare of the community and the health of our lives together are part of the decision-making process. Also, a conscious leader seeks to bless other businesses and individuals in addition to being a profitable business.

Karin Crawford, God’s Garden Treasures Florist

Constantly Asking for Improvement and Feedback

A conscious leader is someone who actively seeks improvement and feedback. They choose to continue learning different ways of leading and assisting rather than sitting back and barking orders. Conscious leaders are those who are able to take criticism as a tool and make adjustments to better lead those around them.

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center

Inspiring Others to Be Their Best Selves

Before I became a tech entrepreneur, I was a physical therapist. Little did I know that the skills I adopted while improving patients’ lives and running a sports medicine practice would later form the basis of my conscious leadership philosophy. Conscious leadership is about fostering inclusivity, inspiring others to let their best selves shine and focusing on serving a higher purpose. The role of a conscious leader is also to empower the individuals within the organization to understand, live and embrace the organization’s core values, and steer the business with heart and purpose. They bring authenticity to everything they do, lead by example, take a real interest in the people around them, and intentionally build a community to create value for all stakeholders—from customers and fellow employees, to partners and investors.

Heidi Jannenga, WebPT

They Consider the Consequences of Actions

Conscious leaders care about how their actions affect others. They consider the consequences of a decision on their team and carefully decide between alternatives to ensure that the best possible outcome for the team is what they choose. They are considerate, empathetic and flexible in their interactions with their teams.

Dan Reck, MATClinics

A Vested Interest in Their Stakeholders

Conscious leaders are first and foremost authentic in their approach. They are cognizant of their own actions and the behaviors they display. They are passionate about serving a deeper purpose and empowering their colleagues to do the same while taking the time to perform to their best ability. They also take a vested interest in their stakeholders––their colleagues, customers and community. In doing so, they make a concentrated effort to inspire, challenge and collaborate with them to serve a greater good and ultimately, leave a legacy.

Thiru Thangarathinam, MST Solutions

Living the Values of the Organization

I think true leadership is demonstrated by living the values of the organization and inspiring those around you to do better by the example you set. A conscious leader will thoughtfully try to understand those around them and inspire them in ways they personally need to improve. It’s only possible by knowing and understanding those they lead.

Matthew Hammond, Carrot Eye Center

They Are Aware of the Ripple Effect

They are aware of the ripple effect of their actions. They are willing to consistently learn. They know they can find the solutions to problems with the right resources and people.

Clifford Starks, Starks Enterprises

“I Want to Empower You” Attitude

Instead of leading with an “I have power over you” attitude, conscious leaders lead with the attitude of “I want to empower you.” Instilling fear in the people you oversee will get you nowhere. People are more willing to get things done if they feel they have the support and compassion of their leaders.

Rex Murphy, American Pipeline Solutions

Their Promises Are Visible Through Their Actions

As we move into the digital workforce, I find that I cling onto the words and promises of other team members a lot more than I used to. Today, conscious leaders have to be able to translate their promises into tangible actions that can move a team forward. It is easy to talk the talk, but let’s see some measurable results!

Thylan Le, Markitors

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