Defining Conscious Capitalism® – Jeff Klein

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Guest Perspectives

At the core of Conscious Capitalism is a recognition of the role of awareness and a belief that Capitalism (and, specifically, business) are forms of human organization and can have varying effects, based on the consciousness — the applied awareness — of the people who comprise them. Capitalism is based on interdependence, interrelationship, voluntary exchange, value creation through the marketplace. Conscious Capitalism builds on these essential elements and adds new dimensions of awareness. We (the trustees of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.) have identified 4 core pillars of a Conscious Business, which are:

Purpose: recognizing that every business has a purpose beyond, yet including, financial return, and aligning the business with that purpose.

Creating value for all stakeholders: recognizing that a business is like an ecosystem, comprised of interrelated and interdependent organisms. In the case of a business, its stakeholders — e.g. customers, employees, vendors, investors, the communities where it conducts business, the environment — constitute its ecosystem. If the business creates value for all of them then the system will be strong, healthy and resilient.

Conscious Culture: a team of people who share vision and values, and a commitment to the purpose and to creating value for all stakeholders.

Conscious Leadership: leaders who act in service to the purpose and the stakeholders, and who cultivate leadership throughout their company and cultivate Conscious Culture.



Jeff Klein

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