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by | May 15, 2015 | Guest Perspectives

We are in the midst of vast and fast changes in our World on many levels. The old form of corporate leadership is dead-or ought to be. Take Enron. Take Lehman Brothers. Leaders whose interests are in lining their own pockets ”corporate greed” have been exposed and will not be tolerated. Top-down, command and control leadership will no longer be effective.

A new model is emerging, one that awakens the spirit, one of collaboration, connectivity and community. That is inherent in the 3A’s Process. Collaboration is to work WITH your associates, not exercise power OVER them. Connectivity: We are all connected by the World Wide Web, for starters. Look at the impact of Twitter and Facebook with over a billion users. Community: Your organization, association or company, is a community. Each person wants to succeed and belong. Are you a best-fit or mis-fit in your environment? Everyone is looking for answers. Yet, we already have them! We are co-creating our world together. This sounds non-analytical, but it’s coming from a former corporate executive, energy attorney and economist and the concepts have all been proven.

Studies show that the most successful individuals are the most self-aware. Psychologists and neuroscientists will show you that by age 35, 95% of your behaviors, decisions and actions are unconscious/subconscious reactions. Conscious leaders learn how to harness the energy of the subconscious! In this way, you can do more with less, live and work smarter, not harder. As a new CEO, I was surprised to discover, that the key to success was in the “soft stuff,” in effect, in our culture of conscious leaders and individuals. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Quantum physicists conclude that 99.9999%  of you, of everything, is energy. Then, if you are like me, why do you focus so much on the material, when it is ALL ABOUT YOUR ENERGY!

You are your energy. Once you learn to consciously channel and direct it, you can create the life, work and workplace of your dreams! What is energy? It is defined as the “capacity to do work; a positive spiritual force flowing through you.” So where do conscious leaders primarily focus their energy — on power, money, or purpose? Higher purpose. A conscious leader is also a servant leader. This is one who inspires and leads in love, or if that is too squishy of a term for you, how about genuine care.  I like to look at it as the “We in wellness.” This is in great contrast to the old, hierarchical, top down, command and control, fear based way of leading based in ego. This old way creates the “I in illness.” Because a top reason people quit is dislike of their immediate boss, when you employ conscious leaders who care about each individual as a whole person, you have a much more engaged workforce and far less turnover. This creates a competitive advantage.

By helping each person become aware of their natural gifts and strengths, of what they value and who they are, you can better align them with their work. This is how we gained killer customers in a marketplace of giant, better-resourced companies (such as Enron). A simple example, is a contract analyst, who I will call Sophie, while good at her job, expressed great joy in dealing with numbers in her job interview. When the head of pricing became open, I asked Sophie why she hadn’t applied. She did. Eventually, Sophie replaced two people and created pricing systems that lowered millions of dollars of risk for us. Conscious leaders become their own “Chief Energy Officers” (CEOs) and grow themselves and their organizations.

Look at the rainbow colored funnel on the left below. Because everything is energy, this shows the lower frequency of the energy of fear and shame. At the top, is the highest frequency of ultimate consciousness and love. The key to creating what you want in your life and work, is to match your personal energy/frequency with what you want to create. By becoming aware of when your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are not serving you, you can consciously redirect your energy to those that do. We have all known people who talk a lot about the very thing they fear, ultimately and perhaps mainly unconsciously, directing their energy to create it! For you are your energy.

A fundamental law of energy is that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. The first week you came to work for us, you would be offered tests that enhanced your self-awareness. So often what you are uniquely good at, is obvious to everyone but you. Many tests are good, as they help you become more aware. However, the tests that provide insights into your values, are especially effective. I learned from organizational psychologists, that 80% of who you are is based on what you value. Only 20% is your outward, observable personality.  Our goal, was to help you see if your energy was directed toward what you value or not.

On the right hour-glass chart below are values based on survival or selfishness to your level of self esteem, to transformation to the highest level of self-less service. This free test can be taken at If your results placed you in the lower portion of the chart, you could consciously bring your focus to redirect your energy to higher frequencies to elevate yourself. As you become your own “CEO” you can transform your fear to selfless living and leading. And as you change your energy, you not only change your life, but also for those with whom you live and lead.  I am grateful to have experienced conscious leadership as a competitive advantage.



Vicki SandlerVicki Sandler – CCAZ Board Member

Vicki is the Executive Director of an electric transmission association, and former CEO of green energy company, APS Energy Services (APSES). APSES competed in markets with much larger companies, and she attributes their success to “conscious leadership.” She’s authored award-winning books and speaks professionally based on this experience. Vicki is a former Senior Energy Attorney and economist.


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