The Language of Conscious Capitalism

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Blog

During our most recent Ambassadors meeting we engaged in rich conversation about the “Language of Conscious Capitalism”.  We offered a number of simple definitions for words and phrases including; Free Enterprise, Free Market, Capitalism, Conscious, Rule of Law, Voluntary Exchange, Competition, Poverty (including the ideas of both Relative and Absolute Poverty), and competing ideas of Socialism and Communism. We thought this would be a relatively brief conversation – who can argue with the “definitions” of words.  What we learned (thank you very much Ambassadors) is that each of these words are thought provoking and we’ve stimulated a robust conversation that is continuing as I write on the Ryver platform.

Click HERE to see the definitions. Click HERE to join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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People + Profit Show from Conscious Capitalism Arizona
People + Profit Show from Conscious Capitalism Arizona
Sarah McCraren and Jeremy Neis

Free enterprise capitalism has served to lift more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic system ever conceived, empowering social cooperation, human progress, and elevating humanity. Good business is the answer to many of the global issues humankind is facing and that is what will dive into on this show as we interview business and community leaders from around the state of Arizona who are building businesses that really take care of people AND the bottom line.

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