Meet the teams competing in the Arizona Collegiate Venture Competition

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We are days away from the Arizona Collegiate Venture Competition on April 8! We have a preview of the 11 teams from Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University and Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET) who will be competing for a piece of $60,000 in cash prizes, Draper University scholarships, and the Territorial trophy!

Meet the teams…

Arizona State University

Let’s Chat – an on-demand foreign language learning mobile app. Individuals from foreign countries who wish to learn conversational English are matched with native English speakers in the United States based on their topics of mutual interest. People can talk via text, voice or video chat. Speakers can earn money for teaching people English.

Synergyan – a bioscience company that focuses on molecular and nanoscale bioengineering and synergistic therapeutics with the goal of significantly improving therapeutic outcomes and patient care. Their first product, Welseal™, is a novel protein-based surgical adhesive biomaterial for rapid healing of soft tissue tears.

The third team will be the winner of the eSeed challenge to be announced April 1st

University of Arizona

Bailiwic – is a simple, powerful donor analytics software solution. Their motto: “Engage your donors. Change the world.”

Defiiant Technologies – this startup has a new take on social media, and it’s in 3D. They developed a wearable virtual reality camera where your friends can watch you go anywhere.

WorkSphere – is a mobile management software that can improve employee accountability, communication and productivity while reducing costs.

Grand Canyon University

Near – is a geolocation social media application that gives users the power to search and connect with other users that are in their area, even as close as ½ mile.

Storage Together – aims to be the Airbnb of self-storage. Its online and mobile platform uses the shared market economy model to logistically connect those who need storage (storers) and individuals with open square footage (hosts) in their communities.

TailSpace  is an intelligent digital advertising platform that attaches to the back of semi-trucks. This display offers a geolocation and time based way for effective advertising.

Northern Arizona University / NACET

Wild Gear Warehouseis an outdoor online retail and travel community that aims to redesign the connection of adventuresome souls.

PayUp – a platform that will simplify financial dilemmas of roommates sharing expenses.

The event is free and we have a hosted reception to follow! We look forward to meeting you!

Michael Hool


Date: April 8, 2016

Time: Noon to 5 p.m.

Network reception to follow

Free Tickets: Eventbrite or ACVC website

Follow along with the action on Twitter at #ACVC2016

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