Conscious Capitalism Arizona’s Presentation of Poverty Inc.

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Conscious Capitalism Arizona
2017 Kickoff Event, 18 January


Join Conscious Capitalism Arizona and film maker Michael Matheson Miller for a screening of the documentary movie Poverty Inc – 18 January, doors open 5:00 PM, Screening at 6:00 PM, plus

  • Q&A with Film Maker Michael Matheson Miller
  • Panel Discussion with Greater Phoenix Social Entrepreneurs
  • Conscious Capitalism Arizona updates and engagement opportunities including:
    • Conscious Capitalism in Education Initiative
    • Ambassador Program 2017 Launch
    • Individual and Corporate Member Opportunities
  • Networking and Deeper Conversation –  what can I possibly do to make a difference?


Conscious Capitalism exists to elevate humanity.

  • We believe that capitalism is the most powerful force for human cooperation, value creation and social good the world has ever seen.
  • We believe that an emerging for of capitalism, Conscious Capitalism, reflects the ongoing process of human development that elevates meaning and prosperity for all.
  • We believe that free enterprise capitalism and business acting as a force for good has lifted more people from poverty than any other socio-economic system ever conceived.

Event Sponsors and Social Entrepreneur Panel:  Thanks to our event Sponsors and speaking panel including, Scott McIntosh of MAC6, Sentari Minor of Social Venture Partners Arizona, Kelly McGowan of Raise Arizona, and Blair / Cindy Packard of Care for Life (Mozambique) plus local social entrepreneur Andra Good of Kenya based Huruma Orphanage.

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People + Profit Show from Conscious Capitalism Arizona
People + Profit Show from Conscious Capitalism Arizona
Sarah McCraren and Jeremy Neis

Free enterprise capitalism has served to lift more people out of poverty than any other socio-economic system ever conceived, empowering social cooperation, human progress, and elevating humanity. Good business is the answer to many of the global issues humankind is facing and that is what will dive into on this show as we interview business and community leaders from around the state of Arizona who are building businesses that really take care of people AND the bottom line.

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