Stakeholder Model Workshop – 1/16

by | Jan 12, 2014 | Past Events

Free Enterprise Capitalism is the most powerful force for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived… but we can aspire to even more. Conscious Capitalism is about:

  • Honorable Business
  • Maximum (long term) Profit
  • Making the World a Better Place

Maximum Profit AND Making the World a Better Place! Impossible you say, doesn’t the pursuit of maximum profit put the shareholders in conflict with the other business stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, lenders)?

The inner magic of the Stakeholder Model is the key to understanding how maximum profit is truly the solution to a better world.

Join Scott McIntosh and Conscious Capitalism Arizona on Thursday, 16 January 2014, 6:00 – 7:30pm to learn the inner magic of the stakeholder Model.

One of the most challenging but important ideas about management and leadership involves understanding the relationships between stakeholders. Conflict between various stakeholders in a business is inevitable, simply because each stakeholder always wants more. However, most people create analytical separations between the stakeholders and take it no further.

The workshop will provide real life examples of win / win Stakeholder models that really do maximize opportunity for all stakeholders, including maximum long term profit for shareholders. The session will be interactive to help you create a viable stakeholder model for your business.

The cost of the event is $25, or free for all paid Members of CCAZ. If you have not yet joined you can do so the evening of the event and we’ll credit your payment toward your annual membership fee ($75 for a Practicing Member of Conscious Capitalism).

Eventbrite - Conscious Capitalism AZ Presents The Stakeholder Model Workshop

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