Kindra Maples

Vice President of Volunteer Corps

Kindra oversees the day to day onboarding, tracking, and management of the volunteers for Conscious Capitalism Arizona. This is not a new skill for her considering she has held leadership roles in the past where she managed volunteers and community engagement for over 10 years. Although her passion and background started with animal behavior work and studies, it is not a long shot from volunteer and community engagement with people. All animals just want kindness and positive reinforcement.

Her current role is supporting the operations and strategic engagement for a growing company, JHB Group, based out of Chicago. Although the company is based in Chicago, Kindra continues to grow and support the community where she lives here in Arizona through her support to Phoenix Business RadioX and volunteering throughout the valleys.

You can feel free to reach out to Kindra with any of your volunteer questions and any inquiries about getting involved with Conscious Capitalism Arizona –or if you just want to talk about animal facts, she is the one!