Kindra Maples

Vice President of Volunteer Corps

Kindra is the Founder of the Culture Crush Business LLC and the energetic host of the Culture Crush Business Podcast! Kindra has always had a passion for people but it didn’t actually start there.

Kindra’s background started in animal behavior and training. She worked in the zoo industry for over 15 years. Her passion for animals and people shifted from training animals to training people (they aren’t really that different- ha). Kindra has worked with all different audiences, including animals, children, adults, veterans, and elders. Her experience includes business relations, operations management, strategic planning, and growing strong teams. Her passions include growing teams, supporting leaders, and helping companies grow great company cultures.

Kindra oversees the day to day onboarding, tracking, and management of the volunteers for Conscious Capitalism Arizona. This is not a new skill for her considering she has held leadership roles in the past where she managed volunteers and community engagement for over 15 years. Although her passion and background started with animal behavior work and studies, it is not a long shot from volunteer and community engagement with people. All animals just want kindness and positive reinforcement- just like people.

Sprinkled through her days of growing a business and supporting the CCAZ growth she enjoys paddleboarding, spartan races, and adventures to try new things!